Thursday, December 5, 2013

Going to the dogs and a trip north................

Susie is so hard to take a picture of I had to share when I get one!!
 Pillow I made for Dane we went up to their house Sat through Sun for his 1st Communion.
 I took some pictures of their horses some of them.
 One of their dogs.
 She is not a sad dog!!!!
 Guys out fishing on the way up there.
 Such a pretty sunset on the way home Sun night.

 When we got home we meet the newest member of Jared's family, Tootsie!!
She is a rat terrier, cute little thing. I have to look for the pictures of the rat terrier we had growing up.

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Sara said...

Beautiful sunset photos especially. I really think that prairie sunsets are one of the best things we see around here.