Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas at the Capitol....

 We went to Pierre Tue to see the trees at the Capitol.
 The theme was The Great Outdoors.
 Was it ever GREAT:)

 They had so many tumble weeds they were so pretty all flocked  in white! That sounds wrong but it looked great!!
 Fun marshmallow wreath.
 The antler tree. Greg said " you got pictures of the antler tree didn't you?"

 Cat tails gone to seed.  cool
 Milk weed they are good for more than the butterflies:)
 Every farmer knows what this is. Greg said he has lots of these maybe we will have to have a Grandkid painting day.
 Then Gary said I suppose I will be cutting up a branch one of these days. These were from a Art class.

 The one below was our favorite. A neat idea for a church tree. We bring ornaments to put on our tree at church I might have to have Greg cut us a couple. Then he would have to do the writing so it could be read!! I'm sorry Mrs Anderson but I hated penmanship. I hated that little green book we had to practice writing in.

 See Charlene we have the same pic, but I want the real thing to hang on my tree!
 Another good grandkid project. I could see them making them with the pictures of themselves with their deer or rabbit or whatever.
 Extreme close up.

 The picture doesn't do the big tree justice. The eagle looked so real up on the top. They had huge ornaments signs, snowshoes and Santa sitting in the tree stand! I thought I took alot of pics of it but some didn't turn out.

 Here we are!
and here's are partners in crime for the day!!!! Good day, good weather, good friends, good pretzels:) let's do it again.............JMF


Sara said...

Wow! You got some great photos and I'm so glad because I won't get there in person this year.

I was supposed to have a meeting in Pierre this week and it got moved to Chamberlain. So this is probably my best glimpse of Christmas at the Capitol. Thanks for sharing!

ytsmom said...

I think it is so neat they do this at your state capitol. Maybe some year I will make it there to see the trees.