Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas and sewing.............

  I have one more to make. Cattle brand pillow.
 I got them done Paula!! They were fast and easy. I gave one to Sue for Christmas and the other one will be on the end table by my chair:)
 I guess I didn't need to go to the Capitol to see awesome Christmas trees. These were in our own Courthouse.
 So many pretty and clever tress.
 Loved the old game tree!
 American Legion.
 Have your elf and merry little so cute.
 Angus tree if only I would have had a Charolais in my pocket it would have been on that tree before I left!!!
 I got our wildlife tree up the other day.
 My new ornament even tho it's not hunting it got a place on the tree. Thanks Sue:)
Merry Christmas........JMF

1 comment:

Sara said...

Love that wildlife theme on your tree and that little ornament is very cute peaking out.

The cattle brand pillow is a very clever idea. My nephew has our old brand now which originally belonged to my father-in-law.