Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Tree skirt.

 My daughter in law Sarah said she would like a tree skirt for Christmas. I searched the Internet, pinterest and google but didn't find anything I liked. I remembered I had bought a book and I thought it might have one in it. The book is Adoration Quilts by Rachel W. N Brown published by That Patchwork Place. I notice on the inside cover it said Julie Feldhaus 2006! This is the first thing I made from it. The pic above was taken in Aug, and the last pics were taken on Christmas day after it had been finished for a few hours!!!
 I bought the fabric for the background at the Pin Cushion in Mitchell. All the rest came from my stash.
 I really did love having a project to work on in the evenings while watching TV. I hand button hole stitched around each piece. Except one of the angels halo I notice as I was quilting it no button hole stitch on it, so I just stitched it down as I quilted. Cheater Cheater!!!!
 There are 28 sheep and it was so fun picking out fabric for them. I figured back then they didn't have purebred sheep so they are all colors!!

 I quilted some of the panels as a quilt as you go but some had to be sewed together because there was a donkey or a goat on the seam. If I ever make another one I think I will put it all together and then quilt it. Plus I will read the instructions real good!! And that's all I have to say about that:)

 I hate when the pictures are one way on my pictures and then I load them to here and they do that....
 One of my favorite sheep.

Here it is all done hey!!!!
Next time it's my gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JMF


Sara said...

That tree skirt is absolutely spectacular. Heirloom quality project. Wow!

Moneik said...

Such an amazing tree skirt. My mom made a log cabin type one that I simply love, so I haven't found the need to replace it.

Ranch Wife said...

That is the prettiest tree skirt I've ever seen! What a treasure and what a really, lucky daughter in law!

JOY @ said...

Such a great idea! You did a great job on this.