Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anniversary and mantel

 Our anniversary is March 18th so I included us on the March mantle. I know what you are thinking "She must have been a child bride!!" I wasn't but I guess Greg was, in South Dakota at that time guys had to be 21 to get a marriage license. Greg was 19 so his mom had to go with him and sign so we could get the license!! I was 18 and in the eyes of  SD old enough to know what I was doing!!??? Our birthdays are in July, but Greg would have still been to young to know what he was doing and sometimes I  think he still doesn't LOL
 So we got married on Sat afternoon, and had a cake, ice cream, nuts and of course homemade mints for our reception. We have been together over twice as long as apart. No wonder some days I feel old....
 This is the first time I  have decorated for St Patrick's day. Thanks to Shopko having green on sale:)

 Thanks to Loopys and Kay I brought this lovely bird home. I'm in a "dollar store" so that's all I want to spend, but Kay pointed out the $8 wasn't that out of line! I'm glad I listened I love that bird:)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day...................JMF


Sara said...

Love the idea od monthly mantles. We got married in March as well. 36 years ago on the 25th. Happy anniversary to you!

Ranch Wife said...

Another cute collection for your mantle! I sure do miss having a fireplace. Guess I could use the piano. Happy Anniversary to both of you kids!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary! I would have passed out if my girls wanted to get married as young as we did. lol That little bird is so sweet.