Saturday, March 23, 2013

Out my window...................

 I had two bibs cut out Then when someone wanted a couple of western girl bibs I got busy and made them all.

 John's cat had 5 kittens. He made a little pen for them, she had them in with the bottle lambs.
 I was watching these 2 squirrels the other day chase each other away from the corn buffet It's all you can eat:)
 Here's our cat a wild one. She comes over and eats corn once in awhile so I took some milk out to her. She ran away but came back when I went in the house.

 She stayed til she got it was all gone.
 She or he I guess had to have a few breaks.
 I don't think it would win any beauty contests, but has an interesting look!

 I have to quit taking pictures in the basement. It must be the lighting.
 She's at Higher Grounds.
 I bet the geese wonder why they left the warmer weather for this. It's gloomy and cold.

Hoping for spring weather...................JMF


Ranch Wife said...

Hope that spring weather brings lots of rain! I still have those bibs on my list. Yours are always super cute!
I love kittens! It's one of my favorite things about spring. Looks like you're running a bed and breakfast for the critters. :) I've been accused of that too. :)

Sara said...

Those western bibs are just too cute. I did some western burb cloths for my niece's little girl. The bibs would be a good way to "grow" with her.

I enjoyed the cat, the squirrels, and the geese. That is part of the enjoyment you get from living where you do.