Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 4

 Off to the rodeo this afternoon lots of people.
 Flint Rasmussen was the clown. Fun to see him again he used to be at the Rapid City Stock show Rodeo until he signed with the PBR.
 There were several bull riders from the PRR there too.

 I haven't been watching the PBR, I need to catch up before the finals this fall. Back to the rodeo, boy they didn't waste anytime it just went from one event to the next.
 This was the wild pony event. Lots of girls tried it. You had to keep ahold of the pony til one of the riders got on then they had to ride it.
 Needless to say no one did it.
 After the rodeo we found some quilts to look at. They were hung up very high!
After the quilts we waited in line for a glass of wine:) Did I mention we waited..........waited ..........and waited oh well it was worth it.
 This was our morning tour. The Calgary Tower. It was built in 1967 &68 at a cost of 3.5 million. The tower measures 626 feet to the top of the antenna. You can take the elevator to the top or climb 802 stairs. Some of us begged to take the stairs, but I don't think the rest would wait 3 days for us to make it to the top!! (really, no one begged I just made that up LOL)
 View from the top.
 All decked out in western decor.

 Some of the past Stampede posters.

 When we walked out there was alittle horse and buggy parade going by.

 Watch your step!
Here I am standing on the glass floor!
We had a quick supper and back to the room to relax..........pray for rain JMF


Mary said...

I get dizzy just looking at the pictures!! Did you really stand on that glass floor?? You forgot to tell me the best part of your trip-seeing Flint. Was he just as funny as he used to be??

Naptime Review said...

I am sorry about BO! Loved looking through your pictures.

New follower from July's hop. Love for you to return the follow when you get a chance.
Hosting LIke Me on Facebook. Love for you to link up your fan page ;)


Dirt Road Quilter said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time! Is it dry there too? Hope y'all come back home to soggy fields. I'm praying as hard as I can. We have clouds and that's an improvement. Don't cause too much trouble while you're out and about!