Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 7

 This morning we have a city tour with a guide on the bus from Great Falls. It was ok but I think we could have done something more interesting. She pointed out their schools, hospital and some historic homes that needed help!

 This is one of the falls around Great Falls MT:)
 The para plane followed us as we drove along the river.

 STOP THE BUS!!! no such luck:(
 Next stop was the Lewis and Clark historic Trail Interpretive Center.
 They had to portage their canoe, and supplies around 5 waterfalls around where the town of Great Falls is today.
 These were kites hung around the main area. I'm not sure why!

 A quilt!!! The Lewis and Clark quilt!
 I love the fabric with all the wildlife tracks on it.

 Is that enough pictures of the quilt??

 The painted buffalo.
 Lewis and Clark the dog Seaman, Sacajawea and ?.
 Furs from all the animals they would have encountered, plus they saw lots of bears.
 A very interesting place. Kids would love it there was lots to look at, and a trail to hike with a overlook and a cliff trail and an outdoor Amphitheater. You could spend hours there.
 Some scenes along the way to Billings where we will stay tonight

Wheat field.  We had lunch at the Staggering OX good food. They serve a Club Foot Sandwich which is a piece of bread roll hollowed out and then stuffed with sandwich filling. Otherwise referred to bread guts!
Just a couple days left..............JMF

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Anonymous said...

Julie, the Lewis and Clark quilt was q block of the month quilt from Hancock Fabrics a few years ago. The background fabric was from there also.