Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 6 of trip

 Our first and only long stop today was the Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump at Fort Macleod AB.

 This is the view from close to the edge of the cliff.
Our guide told us how the Indians lured and chased the buffalo over this cliff to their death. It was a dangerous way for them to get their food, clothing, and  the many other things they made from the buffalo. She also told us how the place got it's name. Once when they chased the buffalo over the cliff a little boy was at the bottom and no one knew it. When they dragged all the dead buffalo out to butcher them they found the boy dead with a smashed in skull.

 Inside there were lots of things to look at.
 This shows how the Indians wore wolf skins to trick the buffalo into thinking they were being hunted by them and making them move along towards the cliff. One Indian would wear the skin of a baby buffalo calf and be in the front of the herd acting like a lost calf. At the last minute he would run to the side as the buffalo ran over the cliff.
 Our room for the night. The only time I remembered to take a picture before we had it messed up!
 I loved the black and white picture in the room. We had nice rooms every night and good beds.
Back in the good old USA. Staying in Great Falls MT. We all had to get out of the bus at the boarder crossing and they scanned all our passports.
They were very nice to us tho!!................JMF

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