Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 5 of trip.

 On the road again.  We are leaving Calgary on to Banff.
We have the front seat in the bus today, which is good we will see lots of pretty scenery today.

 The Rocky Mountains.
 My bus bag of stuff one of the 3 books I read on the trip Ties that Bind by Marie Bostwick, Sanoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini, and One Thousand White Women by Tim Ferguson. All really good!
 First stop Cascade Gardens. Lots of flowers!
 I can't remember what they called this wood but the bumps are caused by something a bug or a virus , so they use it for decorative things. I'm sorry Patty (our tour director) you told us about it so I have no excuse for not remembering:)

 Huge hotel we got permission to walk through.
 They had the doors to the balcony open and a little chipmunk or some kind of rodent was inside. It ran out from behind a chair and scared the **** out of me!!!
 This is the view from the balcony on the 2nd floor. A very spendy hotel sure would be fun to stay there, and pretend to be rich!!!

 Ice cream shop in Banff.
 We thought about a carriage ride but it was $15.00 for a short ride.
 Instead of a carriage ride we made better use of our money:) Margaritas please.. We had a good lunch pizza and a artichoke dip with pita bread.
 A view from our table.
 Back on the road the bridges were wildlife crossings.
 Lake Louise. I think it was about here that my camera battery died:(
 We took a back road to our next stop.
 We were glad that we did we saw 2 black bears. We got a good view from the front seat. Paula has a better camera too.
We stayed in Canmore Alberta oh it's was right by the railroad tracks................which ran every couple of hours all night. I only heard it a couple of times slept pretty good. In the morning Delyle saw a coyote on the tracks right behind the hotel.
Tomorrow it's back across the boarder back to our homeland.......JMF


Mego said...

I LOVE this! I have always wanted to go on a trip up here! The wood is called burl wood. I LOVE it. When we were in Alaska I had a limb sent home to put in my garden. My DH thought I was NUTS but now he kinda LIKES it!

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