Saturday, July 21, 2012

1st day of our Calgary Stampede rodeo trip.

 Our first day was lots of bus time. With a few stops for lunch and homemade pie at the Chiefton Cafe in Carrington ND. We spent the 1st night in Minot.
 We ate at the Alaska Steakhouse. The pictures are from there. They had lost of neat gift items and good food.
 If I remember right the wine was good too:)

 Housing for the oil boom. Hope you like your neighbor!

 Canola fields lots and lots of canola fields.
Tomorrow we will be in Canada if they let a bus full of oldies but goodies across the boarder!
Until next time find out if we made it across the boarder or if we all got interrogated, searched, our bags rifled through!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't mind the string it was a game we played.

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Janet said...

Looks like fun!