Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd day of our trip

 We only lost a couple of people in the boarder crossing, so now Greg is driving the bus..................just kidding!!!!! No problems at all. I think the buffalo needs some help.
 Here we are at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Center in Regina SK.

 It is a big museum of the history of the Royal Canadian Police. They have quite a history and the training is pretty tough. We watched a movie about it and it tells the story of 2 young men going through the training. For one it is his second try and he quits again before he makes to the end. The other one makes it and follows in his dads footsteps as a Mountie.
 Love the cool old car. Greg had one like it when he was in high school only a  2 door. If only he could have had the red light on top!!

We got to meet the Royal dog too. Very well behaved. They also have a musical horse drill team. We saw a movie about them too. They only use black horses. They practice their drills and go all over to preform. We got to see them at the calgary rodeo.

 We weren't high enough in the bleachers to get good pictures of their formations.
Now on too the money????? That night we stayed right next to a casino, and they gave us $20.00 in free play. You could only cash out your winnings not the original 20 so I cashed out every time I won and ended up with $47.00. Greg beat me with $53.00 in winnings! A first for us both. So now what we have $100.00 in Canadian money to spend......we have to spend it right???? We really didn't buy much besides food I did buy a coffee mug and a couple of books. On to day 3..............pray for rain...JMF

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