Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Kathy...ect.

 I made this bag for my DIL's mom. She is a book lover like me:)
 I thought she should have a bag to tote her books along with her.
 I hate being stuck in the car, or waiting room without a book to pass the time with.
Happy Birthday Kathy and enjoy your book bag!! I put a few books in it for her too.
 Moving cows the other day and my job was watch the corner and  I spotted this muskrat swimming around.
 It was getting a little to late in the day to get good pics and the cows didn't cooperate and way.

 A few of my favorite things in my office. The picture Greg gave me for Christmas one year, it's a John Green print that he knew I loved. I cried when I opened it:) The chair was my folks, I had my aunt recover it in some western fabric.
 My friend gave me this arrangement.The hydrangeas are from her gardens and the box is  a drawer from her husband's mom's old sewing machine cabinet.
 I love it:) Thanks Paula.........JMF


Sara said...

That little setting in your house is so inviting with the chair, picture, and flowers. And everything there has meaning. That is what makes our homes so special isn't it?

Lifestyle ProBlog said...

That bag is gorgeous!!! Here from Mommy A2Z blog linky

Meredith @ MommyAtoZ said...

Your office is gorgeous and I love that print! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!