Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pillows for a good cause............

 I have been seeing these pocket pillows on pintrest, and several blogs. I have been wanting to make some and found the perfect reason. I am donating them to the Lee Ruml benefit later this month.
 They have a pocket for books and anything else you need to take with you. I love the Charlie the Ranch Dog books, I have them all:) I ordered these two for the pillow so I didn't have to give up mine:)
 A handle to carry it. They make a perfect road trip pillow! Kids and read when they get tired they have a pillow to rest their head on:)
I won the drawing at quilt guild last month and picked the bike fat quarter. I thought it would be a perfect fun fabric for this girls pillow.
 It also so has a handle to take it where ever you go.
 Of course had to add the steer erasers with pencils.
Some books and a cute notebook...............JMF


Sara said...

Love your pillows! I made 14 of them last Christmas for gifts and they were big hits. Only 4 were for my grand-kids, 1 was for a niece's daughter and the other 9 I made for coworkers' kids.

But I hadn't seen the rectangular version you made. Very clever!!

Ranch Wife said...

Your pillows are awesome! What a great idea! We always traveled with pillows and books. I'll have to save your idea...better yet, I ought to make some to have for when I need them.