Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One more done..................

 I did get a walk in on Sun, then it went downhill from there! More snow and cold.

 I hope they stayed warm someplace if they didn't blow south. We had strong winds yesterday and last night.

 These 2 were just north of the house they acted like they were laying claim to this little pond of water.
 It's a wonder their feet don't freeze off.
 One more quilt finished I know I pieced this in the old house so that is almost 6 years ago, or more. It's hard to see but it is a cow print flannel.
 I put fleece on the back and no batting. It quilted easier than I thought it would.
another one down.............JMF

1 comment:

Ranch Wife said...

Look at you go! You are knocking out those quilts fast!
You're taking some great photos too - that first bird photo is awesome. Would make a great card.