Sunday, April 6, 2014

Signs of Spring....................

 New baby calf one of the 13 that were born yesterday.
 This is cowtown that sprung up out nowhere!! Not really but it all had to be moved a 1 1/2 miles to be ready for calving.
 Hot box it is used to warm cold calves hope we don't have to use it.
 There is a door on the left side of picture and the heater is on the right behind that plywood. There is a gas generator to run it. Water in the tank for the cows in the maternity ward!
 Like these girls.
 Political correct twins one black and one white:) That might be a first for us. They are usually the same color or at least close.
 Looking high and low (guess who the low one was??? yeah me) for a calf. Her poor mom was walking and mooing for it. The guys road 4 wheelers all around the fence line, ditches and everyplace they could think of that afternoon looking for it. That evening we looked again and just couldn't find it as we drove to the gate Greg spotted it in a patch of tall grass just west of the bales. He jumped up and was gone in a shot. His poor mom had to run to catch up with him. Dang kids!!!!!!!
 These calves are good kids they stay right by mom.
 Phone call maybe it's better reception up there:)
 Johnny with the camera waiting for his egg sandwich.
 He was asking me where I got some of my buffalo.The one on the far left of pic I got at an estate sale in Sioux Falls. That was fun it was in the persons house so we looked all over and found a few things. The the wood one on the book and the little one below it was carved by my uncle Sam those are my most treasured ones.
 One more little quilt done.

 Just a strip of this cute animal print and 31/2 in blocks from scraps.

 What's your number???
 Last night on the check one of a couple born since the last check.
 It is so nice today Greg said " let's eat on the deck" so we did!
 No closeups please!
 Even had visitors

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Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Just found your blog... Always enjoy another SD quilter! It certainly was a beautiful day today!