Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quilts and Cows..................

 Most mornings this is the scene down at the slough. It is such a pretty blue with the white snow geese. I just need to get closer!!
 Going for a walk last night and spotted these guys.
 Haven't seen much of them all winter. There was 6 or so that went across the road north of the house.

 Checking cows last night.
 You can't see me.
 You can see me can't you????????? yep
 This is the sledding operation. Yes both have windshields one normal and one redneck! I'll let you decide who is who:) The first one to guess right wins these pencils with steer erasers. Your choices are Greg or Jared !! Just leave a comment with your guess and make sure I can contact you.
Pink, black,tan,blue and yellow erasers, with pencils just not the rest of the stuff in the pic. Someone else already got that!!
 This year they have been taking the moms and calves to a fenced off section of the calving pasture. That's where the sleds come in just load a calf and the mom will follow! The plan is to eventually  have the cows and calves divided into 3 sections. That way it will be easier to catch, work, and haul to pastures.
 On our way home.
 Have a safe flight.
 Back to quilting another finish.
 A simple baby quilt using 30'S fabrics. I'v'e had the fabric and the quilt top for a long time but  it's done now yeah!!!
 This was Carrie's other table runner for her birthday.
Reversible it turned out pretty good for all the goof ups I had. We won't discuss that now though!....................JMF


Sara said...

Pretty photos as always. Calving season was my favorite on the farm.

Did you do a reversible binding on that table runner? I've never tried that although I've seen it demonstrated. Very clever idea!

Connie said...

I always enjoy seeing the photos of all the animals and scenery! Cute quilt and table runners! Jared is my choice! Thanks for sharing.
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