Thursday, April 17, 2014

This and That and a goodwill jacket.................

 Spot the longhorn's calf, he is so cute. I will have to ask the boys if they named him.
 Clouds and sunset the other night. Coming home from the calving pasture.

 My $3.75 jacket from goodwill. I cut the cuffs and the band around the bottom off.
 A bucket and lots of bleach.......

 Then I washed it to fray the edges of the sleeves and the bottom.

 I wanted it to be whiter so will have to bleach it another time....maybe
 We went to Britton on Sunday for piano recitals. All the grandkids did a  good job.  Grandma Bev too. She and Ellie played a duet!
They still have a bit of ice up there. Some water then ice and some of the water was this pretty green color I suppose because of the ice.
 Yes we were.
In June we hope to get back to the Fort Sisseton Days.
 I was going to town this morning when I spotted a couple of the yearling buffalo down by the water.
 These 2 geese were walking right towards them so I waited til I could get both in a picture.

 I think they are familiar with each other. Neither one cared about the other.

The end...JMF.............................


Sara said...

Beautiful sky and you captured it with such pretty light. That longhorn calf is just too cute.

Heidi [Banks of Frog Creek] said...

Fun pictures! I always laugh at the "smiley face" of Britton's water tower... I have relatives who live there. Haven't been up to Ft. Sisseton in years. Several memories there, though :)