Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April finishes...

 Mostly I quilted stuff that had been laying around for a long time! This quilt is flannel with fleece backing. I was wrapped up in it the other night There is something wrong with that it's May tomorrow.
 Quilted these two .

 Dyed my jacket.
 Not sure if I finished piecing this in March or April, but I quilted it and the cowgirl in April.
Still more things to finish I better get to work:)........JMF


Ranch Wife said...

Get to work? It looks like that's all you've been doing! Just look at all of those finishes - congratulations! However, you're making me look bad! :)

Sara said...

Wow - you have accomplished a LOT lately. I'm not good at machine quilting so I usually have to wait for someone else to do my quilting. Right now I have 2 quilts, 2 large wall hangings and several table runners that all need quilting. I need to beef up my skills so that I can get some of these done like you.