Monday, May 5, 2014

Views out my window, and car garage...........

 Noticed him walking across my front yard.
 Someone snoozing in the back yard!

 Planting time working the fertilizer into the ground Next pass will be to plant corn.

 The other day Lucas found 2 boxes of hot wheel cars, and wanted to know why I had them. I said to make track and garage for them!  I showed him what I was talking about on Pinterest.
 The next time he was here we winged it and came up with a pattern.
 don't be distracted by the mess the garages are at each end of the track.
 I know not so good pictures but we got in a hurry.
 I cut the felt with a pinking blade and Lucas thought that could represent the bumps on the edge of the road. What do you call those bumps? Rumble bars, Helen Keller (Braille) or alarm clock bars????
I sewed ties in the middle of the back so we could roll it up to store everything inside. I told him when he got tired of it he could give it to someone else!..........JMF


Sara said...

Your car mat is very clever and what fun to design it along with a little boy who will play with it.

Bet he will happily remember doing this with you too, years from now when he is grown up!

Pinnylea Creations said...

Love the photo of the pheasant; reminds me of growing up in rural Yorkshire; we don't have them here in South Australia. Great car mat; special times together xx