Friday, May 30, 2014

What's been going on and what I'm working on..................

 Most days for the last couple of weeks this is what the guys do. Catch, vaccinate, and haul pairs to pasture.
 These  young calves get their kindergarten shots just like our kids did! Well not the same shots but it's compared to that!!

 Lunch break for the guys. That would be me with food , drinks and lawn chairs. The guys get a little rest for going back to work.
 We had a little shower the other day. I was so thankful! Then a couple of nights later we got over an inch of rain!!!!!!!!
 Sounds like we could get some more this weekend!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on:) This time I hope it is more wide spread the last time was a small area.
 A couple of quilts I'm working on. Pictures soon of them finished, plus more!

 They get braver all the time.

1 minute breakfast. Not counting frying the sausage, but I fry a few patties and then put them in the refrigerator. Spray a bowl, beat an egg, cover with a paper towel, microwave 35 to 40 seconds. Place a piece of cheese and warm your sausage, butter your bun or toast and on your way you go:) I have had the same 3 or 4 customers for this sandwich the last few weeks:)  I think it must taste better than it looks in this picture cus I get the same request every morning:) Love it.............JMF


Sara said...

we played golf in Howard last Saturday with some friends. The course looked nice and green. But every inch of rain is certainly welcome these days.

Hope it is a nice wet weekend. I'll just quilt instead of golf if it's raining.

Ranch Wife said...

I'm always giddy when I see rain pictures! LOL. That pasture will be nice and green for those sweet calves. And look at you go on the sewing! I've got to get back to that!
I've never made eggs in the microwave - sounds like a fast breakfast. I sometimes make egg sandwiches too. Good idea to cook the sausage ahead of time.