Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Paula...........

 Do you remember back in Feb of 2007 when we ended up on the same bus trip to Texas?? Remember how you thought I was stuck up!!! I just wanted to read my book during the ride but no you had to make me visit and become good friends:) And that makes you one smart cookie!!  I think I was just shy to set the record straight:)
 We spent a lot of the trip together we made a good trio.
 Greg and Me
 Shirley and Delyle
 Paula and Gary. By the way according to my travel journal we met the 1st or 2nd day of the trip and had supper together on the 3rd day:) I think you are just joking when you call me stuck up!
 Jump to 2009 and here we are at Niagara Falls.

 2012 Stock show, Las Vegas and the Grand canyon.

 Another cool trip.

 Another trip in 2012???  Calgary Canada here we come. Platte Geddes group at least part of it.
 We had just as much fun drinking Margarita's in Canada as we did on the Texas trip:)
Good old Wall Drug, can't beat it!! Glad I found out how good the doughnuts are there:)
Just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and thank you for getting me to come out of my own little world on that Texas trip. I know I wouldn't have gotten Greg to go and some of these other trips because I could'nt have said " Gray and Paula want us to go on this trip" LOL..........JMF

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