Saturday, May 10, 2014

Zoo and graduation all in one day.....................

 We have some geese that hang out in the pasture close to the water. I've been wanting to get some pics of them and I got this 2 for 1!! That's the only one I got they wouldn't stand still:)
 Wondering what I was doing lurking around the flatbed trailer.
 Fri I went with Lucas on his class field trip to the zoo.
 We had a fun day just not long enough to see everything.

 This big guy was laying on his back and finally rolled over and I got a good pic of him.

 The boys liked these orange birds.
 Inside they have all these animals on display. I know at one time they were all one guys, but I think they must have added lots more to those.

 There was alot of them.
 Home from Sioux Falls and on to Huron to Regan's preschool spring concert and graduation! The program was Noah's zoo it was so cute and the kids sang lots of cute songs.
 This is Regan's hat newspaper tissue paper and whatever else they want to add I remember Rachel's too. I had never seen hats like this before.
 I bet the kids have so much fun making them.
One of the volunteers did a silhouette of each of the kids.This is Regan:) We saw all his stuff when we visited his classroom. I had to give his teachers a hug cus I told them I probably won't see them again I'm out of grand kids for them to teach!! Regan will be on to kindergarten in the fall oh my our last one going to school. That makes grandma feel old....................JMF

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