Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm back!

 I never went far just haven't been blogging!! Nest check:) Lucas and I checked on these robins the other day it wasn't to many days later and they had flown the nest.
 We picked some radishes. My garden is a sight weedy  because I didn't get the guys to haul in enough ditch hay to cover it. Only about half of what I planted came up.
 On Sat we went to Fort Sisseton it was a  nice cool day.
 Our oldest son, his wife and boys did a mounted shooting exhibition. There was a pretty good crowd there to watch it. a few other guys shot too.
 This was the last flag to fly over the fort, and they are trying to have it restored.
 A pillow request. It was so fun to make. His initials for his brand K.L.J. I drew it up a couple of ways then asked Greg to think of some and this is his.

 Laurie and I had the booth at Ag day for women in Brookings on Tue. I see I took these pictures before we got our colorful  beef sign up oops!!
 Of course we were promoting beef with recipes and beef info. The steer erasers and  pencils  were a big hit!
I am finishing up a couple of quilts so I'll be back with them in a day or so...........JMF


Carrie P. said...

Love your pillow. Good luck in my giveaway.

Mara said...

I really like the pillow and I love eating beef!