Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mammoth Hot Springs

 We made it to Mammoth Hot Springs. Mountains, buffalo elk and hot springs.

 It's pretty country, even with the snow.
 This is the hot springs just up the road from the hotel. It smells but is neat.

 At the top it was more yellow but at the bottom the water looked white because of the white mineral.

 The water was warm so plants would grow even with all the snow around it.

 There is a walk way up and around the top. We wanted to drive along the only road they keep open so didn't take the time to walk to the top.

 The buildings are the offices for the park. It was Fort Yellowstone many years ago. I don't know if I would get used to buffalo all around when I walked to work tho.

 More elk but alas no wolves. dang it. We might have to go back someday:)
 This is where we parked in a little pull out area by the road and just looked at the scenery. That is until a car parked by us then Greg got the binoculars out and acted like we spotted something! So they were looking and looking.They probably spotted a wolf!
They were still in the same spot when we came back. Tomorrow we will be on the snow coach!.....JMF

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