Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Propane Progress

I almost don't want to post this picture it might make it snow.
This is the one I couldn't find last night!
This is out favorite bread it comes in a blue and clear package. Rustys has it sometime also Sunshine in Madison has it. You bake it 7to 9 minutes. it is crusty on the outside and soft in the center. It was great with the bean soup the other day. Greg would eat it every meal but we need to be able to fit out the door so I limit us.
 Really enjoyed the day checked the heifers for Greg a couple of times.
Got alot of compliments from the girls on my boots!!!!!!!!!!
Then later walked a little over a mile and scooped the snow off the deck and some away from the house.
I wonder if I earned another one of the treats Lucas helped me make yesterday???
Rice Krispy bars.
love life    JMF

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