Friday, March 11, 2011

The last couple of days.

Yesterday I took Lucas home when John got home from school so we could go on an adventure as they call it. So first of course we had to check out the new calves. Then alittle bird hunting, looked at the puppies and in the hoop shed at the 2 cows in there.
This is Susie I think she is saying "don't take my picture Grandma."
"If I ignore  her maybe she will go away." She's just camera shy.
Lucas and I spent part of the day in the basement.
He talks me into getting an air mattress out for him, then he puts pillows all around it and that's hes spot to watch TV never nap just TV.
He was calving too. Johnny can tell if he has changed on board in the corral. We saved the boards when we built the house and the boys think they are worth a million dollars they build with them all the time. Corrals, sale barns, shooting blind, and ramps you name it.
Then it's snack time raisins, choco chips, Cheerios, heart and snowman marshmallows, and  peanuts.
This is what I did while he did his thing. More pictures as it progresses.
And to think I had the nerve to go to the quilt shop in Dells this morning. Only bought sale fabric tho.
Happy thawing no floods please.     JMF

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