Thursday, March 17, 2011

On my walk today and quilt progress.

It's really flowing today. Between the sound of the water and, the geese it was  perfect spring day.
This is the road south of us to Groves I guess it's the long way around if we need to get to their house. Greg said he was going to take the cows to the calving pasture tomorrow that should help the road too, what are you gonna do????? Maybe an alternate route is called for
It would be neat if it wasn't for all the damage.
Last picture on to the quilt.
That's not the way the pictures are suppose to be. I turned them when I downloaded them but they when I brought them here this is what happened.
I quit for the night I think I even left the piece I was sewing half sewed in the machine if that makes sense. I just walked away!!!!!
goodnight  JMF


Paula said...

Oh No!! a wrong cut??

JMF said...

the wrong cut came acouple of days ago dang why does that always happen to me???????? It will just have an extra seam in that block.

Karen said...

A very interesting quilt!!!