Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birds, Quilts, and Snow

I know the picture isn't real good but I took it out the window with a screen on. It's all black birds.
I tried to sneak out on the deck and get a better picture I guess I'm not a good sneaker!! Wasn't there a movie called Birds.... Hitchcock? probably to scary for me I don't remember seeing it.
This quilt is called Life on the Farm but I'm calling it Screwed up on the Farm because that's what I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called and got more fabric so this will continue and I will get it right. I just don't know if I can get over it enough to enjoy the finished quilt. They say you should have one mistake in you quilt it's called a humility block but 5??? I must really be humble!!!!!!!!!

I just need to see a little more on the right end!! Last chance to change your guess.
Johnny was hunting the other day so he added the branch and some wood in the scoop. It was cold but he stayed out till he got 2 birds with his BB gun. He wants to shoot the squirrel but but Grandma says NO!!!
The sun this morning. We need some heat this looks like a weak sun to me.
learn from your mistakes........JMF

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Kay Becker said...

The way it is going--maybe the end of May?????