Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I know there is bird seed in the scoop if I can just get alittle closer....
alittle closer..
yes I made it!!!!!!!! you don't scare me Mr squirrel.
I guess I can pretty much see the tank should I wait til I can see the legs it stands on? First one to tell me what to do, that's what I'll do. Snow today what's up with that??????????
So yesterday we went to the Dentist in Huron I was sure my last baby tooth was going bad. I asked Dr Cahill shouldn't a baby tooth last at least 58 years? Well it's going to I didn't have a cavity like I thought. Got them cleaned and I'm good to go. Can't say the same for Greg he has another appt on Tues for a filling. I think we'll have supper out with Carrie's family afterwards.
We saw this train on the way up.
and this one on the way back, and lots of water.
stay warm JMF

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Paula said...

Cute pictures of the bird!
Propane tank?? I think you will have to decide....It might snow more