Saturday, May 9, 2015

Landscaping with alittle sewing...........

 These are a few of the zipper pouches I made awhile ago.
 I have a few more I want to make for Christmas presents.
 Tip your head to the right and you can see the sewing machine on this quilt as you go mug rug!!! I haven't figured out how to rotate a picture here:(
 We finally got the landscaping done around the house. Well not us but the guys from James Valley Nursery in Mitchell.

 We just laid the wheel and big branch there will figure out later something else to do with them.
 I left a small space for planets.
 Sammy the seagull kite...........

 Morning shadow on the newly updated old building:)
 Some before pics I unchecked my pictures and rechecked them from the bottom up and then added them to the blog. So the first is last. kindof of like the sideways pics I'm not going back and doing it all over again............. I have sewing I could be doing instead!!!!!!!!!!

 they took out the sod and made some nice gentle curves so it will be easy to mow around.

 If I was a professional blogger I would have before and after pics together.
 but I'm not...LOL

 Our bushes were half dead so out they go.
 Boy these before are bad..........
 I guess you just get used to the way things are and after awhile you don't even notice how bad it looks.
 These trees started dying last year and this year it was all over for them.
Greg hauled in dirt last fall and now they have it all sloped down and seeded down to grass I just need to keep it watered.
Our next project is to put mulch around the trees in the yard. We bought the mulch now Greg and I have to get it done..............JMF

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Ranch Wife said...

Hey, send those guys this way when they are done at your place!! It looks awesome! You need some whiskey barrels to go with your wheels. :)
So, did you like making the quilt as you go mug rug? I've thought about trying a project like that - both it and your zippered bags. I think I've forgotten how to turn on the sewing machine.