Monday, May 11, 2015

New apron and rain..............

 I had an order for a apron and here she is all done!!! I can't remember when I last made one, it was so fun to pick out the fabric, and see it come to life. I had all the fabric, the gray striped is a soft lightweight fabric and I wasn't sure what I would do with it. Love it in the apron. The floral I only had a 1/2 yard and used every bit of it. I loved that fabric the picture just doesn't show how cute it is. I put a little crochet lace on the bottom of that ruffle. I forgot how fun they were to make!! I hope the recipient loves it too. Sorry about the roll of batting in the background of the pic:) here is the link to the free pattern.        Ruffled apron 
 We did get some much needed rain this week and last night a little hail too.
It didn't hurt anything which was a good thing:).......................JMF

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Sara said...

That is just the cutest apron! Love those ruffles.

The rain was appreciated this weekend, but that tornado sure wasn't. I'm very freaked out by storms.