Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beams and the Badlands:)

 We finally stopped talking about it and found someone to put beams up in our house!
 We love them:)

 We left for Rapid City before they were done so we couldn't wait to see them when we got home.
 Jared and Johnny even hung the buffalo head up he looks right at home with the beams!
 We drove the Badlands loop on our way to the Hills. I never get tired of that drive.
 It wasn't that warm but the prairie dogs were out in full force, running around and chattering away.

 We haven't see the big horn sheep before so it was a treat even tho we didn't get to see the big rams with their curly horns.

 The dear never disappoint we saw lots of them this was a big bunch with a nice buck.

 It looked so different with snow instead of all the color when the sun is out.

 There was some faint color where there was no snow.

And that's all she wrote about the Badlands til next time.................JMF


Sara said...

I haven't done that Badlands Loop in years, but always have enjoyed it. Pretty spectacular scenery. Maybe it's time to put that into our agenda again. And the beams look wonderful.

cucki said...

Beautiful view :)

Moneik said...

We can see the Badlands from my dad's place and it's always so pretty.