Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Carla's purse AKA Annie Oakley

 Carla wanted me to make her a purse she got this fabric in Mitchell. Don't you just LOVE it???

 One pocket in the back and lots of pockets inside.

Not a good pic of the inside but I love this fabric and had  just enough for the lining.
Carla told me the gals at work said I had to name my purses so the first name that came to me was Annie Oakley maybe because I had recently gotten a book about her life:) I already have a name for the next one, but wont' get to it until next week........JMF


Sara said...

Such cute fabric choices. It is begging for a trip to the Stock Show.

cucki said...

It's so beautiful x

Ranch Wife said...

How cute is that?! You could open up a purse and tote shop online and sell a ton of those.