Sunday, May 7, 2017

John's quilt and his Sheep......................

 John's quilt is done!!
 I had the center panel for awhile and looked on Pinterst for quilts with panels. That's where I found the center part with the four patches in the corners.
 Then I just added to the top and bottom. John loves to hunt geese in the fall so that's what these blocks represent flying geese:)

 I spy 2 bears!
John had sheep again this winter and 2 ewes had hair lambs. I have never seen that breed before. They are pretty cute. He had a single and then a set of twin hair lambs.

 Unlike sheep in other categories, our list of hair sheep breeds don't grow wool at all - rather they are bred with an emphasis on meat production and each possesses a rugged hair coat which adapts to the environment and conditions in which they live. Many of the hair sheep breeds listed below are renowned for their hardiness and resistance to parasites, making them the perfect choice for breeders who aren't interested in the annual cost of wool production. One reason hair sheep breeds are gaining in popularity is the low annual maintenance required to tend to a flock of hair sheep.

 He caught one for me the other day and they are so soft, but wild! I doubt I could catch one. These are the twins a girl and a boy.

 They sure stand out in the flock.
 Getting every last scrap of hay.
It's fun to have sheep on the farm again.................JMF


cucki said...

Wow the quilt is so cute and the sheepies are so sweet ..
Sending you love and hugs x

Sue Loncaric said...

The quilt is so lovely thank you for sharing with us at #overthemoon.

JOY @ said...

Love your pictures. You make farming look fun. Certain times were for me.