Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Scrap a day 3.....

 I used alot of my western fabric scraps on this one.
 It was another Pinterst pattern. I should have went back and found them again so I could have shared them.
 I still could and put them in the next post:)
 It was a fast and easy pattern.
 My Jade plant is getting so big I don't know how I would ever get it transplanted to a new pot. It's been in that one for years and is probably root bound.
The peacock that lived here for a few weeks and then decided to run away from home:).....JMF..


Ranch Wife said...

I love Pinterest too, but the difference is, you are actually getting your scraps into quilts and I am not. LOL. I need to make a western scrap quilt too - yours turned out so nice. And where did that peacock come from?! Will your Jade plant grow from cuttings?

Jim and Judy said...

It's a great quilt! I need more scraps! Love your quilt!