Friday, December 31, 2010


I 'm not sure when this was taken of our parents, but I love the picture.
And here's what happened all because of them!!!!!!!!
I had white and sliver glasses wow!!!!!!!! pointed too good thing the pictures isn't that clear. I remember the dresses that Carla and Amy are wearing. We had names for some of our dresses the pork and bean dress (what with us and pork n beans sandwiches , dresses???) those were Ellen's and mine, matching wow, and our Easter ones were balloon dresses. What can I say we must have been hard up for entertainment!!  I made a bunch of ornaments out of the old pictures for mom and dad one year, now they are mine.
 Mom's favorite bird was the cardinal I found this little bird and metal sign at R&R makes a nice little shrine to her.
Miss you mom and dad.  JMF

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