Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New magazine from my sister.

I got this in the mail today what a fun magazine. It has lots of reading not so much ads. I think I will be trying some of the soups and crafts.
The first thing I showed Greg was a Chicken house with  wheels and a screened in pen hooked on. It held up to 10 chickens. I thought Greg should build me one anyway don't ask to borrow eggs because the answer was no!!! Thats ok  I never like gathering eggs as a kid any way. You know that is where I became so scared of mice and rats. Our neighbor and dad would clean out under where the chickens roosted.They would put big rubber bands on the bottom of their pants to keep anything from running up their pant legs. We had a little rat terrier dog and he was right in there too. At the end there was a big pile (to a kid anyway) of dead mice and rats. So now I always think if I see a mouse it will run up my pant leg and you will have to visit me in Yankton (if you know what I mean) Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!
But the magazine is cool thanks Ellen!
Try and conquer your fears.......JMF

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