Friday, December 7, 2012

Cats, and more..............

 Rachel and Regan's cats found a nice warm spot to lay on my car Sat! When I left they didn't want to get off either:) As I've said I'm not a cat person but they did look cute, if only they could have washed the dirty car I would have brought them home.

 Sun Greg and I went to Pierre. I had a Beef Industry council meeting Mon morning.
 Our hotel was right on the river, so we took a little walk.

 Capitol some of us gals will be going there Mon. We also will tour the Governors mansion, and see the Christmas trees at the Capitol. Wish is wasn't going to be so cold that day.
 A Christmas present going to a Aunt.
 That rascally rabbit!
 The Last American Cowboy:)
 Just us moving some cows to new corn stalks.

 Jared had the chilly job.

 They made it.
On the way home I took some pictures of the cows out in the trees, but won't bore you with anymore!!
BBBRRRRRRR  It's winter   JMF


Sara said...

Enjoy the Capital Trees and mansion tour. The trees are beautiful as always. I was there last week.

ChatterBlossom said...

Wow! Look at all that snow! It is over 60 degrees here right now.

I'm holding my very first giveaway today if you would like to come take a peek! ;-)