Friday, December 21, 2012

Aprons and mug rugs

 These three aprons were given to the gals at Higher Grounds as a gift from their staff.
 I don't know why I don't  have a better picture of this one dangit!
 I really enjoyed making them.

 With some of the left overs I made each of them a mug rug.

 I noticed yesterday that this one is missing a ruffle on the bottom. I'll have to bring it home and add it to it.

 Larry's mug rug:)
 Along with a phone line insulator now a candle holder. I think we were there for over 4 hours!! Time flies when you are having fun:) Greg even stayed awake the whole time.LOL
 I made this for Carol, my secret pal,  in Birthday club. I love the cup I found for her too.
 and one for Lyle.
He's back.........JMF

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