Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas recap and Happy New Year.

 A cold start to the new year this morning.
 Greg has been keeping the squirrels feed these cold days!
 This guy must have gotten pushed through the fence behind the house when the cows were crowded up to the water tank.
 He didn't like the looks of me!!
 My Christmas present from Greg.
 We have a wonderful drug store in town with great gift items and jewelry. This isn't the first gift Greg has gotten for me there. I think I will tell the girls there what his price limit is next year!!!
 These are a few of the other things I got. I have eyed this book for awhile on Amazon!

 lighted snowmen
 A buffalo to add to my collection. I think I will stain him.
 When I open the package  with these I said YES RUBBER GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!I wear them everyday to do dishes or any cleaning because if I don't I end up with a crack beside my fingernail. I'm really loving the green:)  There was a gift cert. to the quilt shop in with the gloves too. Yippie!!!!!
 A salad spinner and quart jars. I'm going to buy a head of lettuce wash and, spin it,  tear it (no knife) up in little pieces, put them in a qt jar and turn it upside down to store in the frig!! It really keeps along time then.
We had a fun Christmas celebration with the kids and grandkids!! Now it's on to the New Year and all the blessing it will hold for us....................JMF

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Sara said...

Your gifts made me smile - a great mix of practical and just for fun. The jewelry is gorgeous. He has good taste. I requested and received a new photo calendar with grandkid pictures. And my husband buys me jewelry EVERY Christmas. :-) He has good taste too luckily.