Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Robin confused

 Greg just sat the pail of corn out so now the squirrel just sits in it all day and eats!
 So are these robins confused or nuts???? Haven't figured it out yet.
 They look alittle frosty here.
 Lots of people have been seeing big flocks of robins. What's up with that????

 Got another one quilted! I think I will bind the 2 I have quilted before I quilt the next 2.
 I have  a couple of other things I want to start, but I have to quilt a few more things before I let myself start another project.
Let me know what you think...Robin confused or early spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JMF

1 comment:

Sara said...

We've been seeing lots of robins in our yard all winter. I agree that they seem to be confused.