Monday, January 20, 2014

Snow, and Cows...............

 We have had a few days like this blowing snow and cold.
The view out my kitchen window, on east side of house.
 View to the north of the house.
 The other day I went to Mitchell and on the way home I saw this eagle along the  side of the road so I stopped to take some pictures. Dang another car went by and scared him up. I only got one good pic, Sue it was acouple of miles south of your corner.
 This morning we moved some cows to another corn field. I always take my camera to take pictures of the cows and to have something to do while I wait. Lots of brown leaves hanging on this tree. They must be super glued on cus we have had some strong winds lately.

 Here they come finally!
 No problems on the highway crossing. someone even stopped to see if I needed help as I had my flashers on. I told him no that we were moving cows but thanks for asking hardly anyone does!  The neighbors usually know that's why I would be on the road with my flashers on so they don't always stop.

 Going slow they have about a 2 mile walk to get to the next cornfield.

 All made it across the highway!!
 I'm at the driveway and zoom in a little over a half mile to see if they are turning north like they are suppose to they are so in the house I go:)
What's this?????JMF

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Sara said...

your cattle moving pix brought back good memories. My job was usually to be in the pickup or car guarding a road too. And opening and closing gates.