Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 1 of our farmer's trip!!!

 Not sure where I took this it was just out the bus window. There was 2 of them, neat water fountains.
 Our first stop was at the Kinze Plant and Innovative Center, well for the guys anyway most of us women went on to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall!! I did not know that Dress Barn sold blue jeans and I love mine:)
 I just took these pics from the bus when we dropped the guys off.

 I think this is what all the guys were doing taking all the blue in!!

 Our next stop of the day was the Amana Colony.
 In years gone by they raised grapes on the side of their houses. Providing grapes and shade in the summer.
Lots of pretty flowers and trees in this village. We ate there at the Ox Bow Inn good supper and good pie:) We stayed in Coralville that night. The next day the blue was gone and it was on to John Deere GREEN!!!....JMf

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Wow it's so nice :)