Monday, August 25, 2014

The rest of the trip.........

 Most of us ladies went here when the guys went to Heartland Acres.
 This Arboretum was so nice and the man that showed us around had lots to tell us very interesting.

 All kinds of flowers and trees. One of the next project for them is going to be an orchard and the fruit will be given to food pantries.
 In the summer they have lots of weddings here in the rose garden.

 This plant is called a sensitive plant and when you touch the leaves they fold up like the one in the left hand corner of this pic. He said the kids really like it and I think a couple of old ladies got carried away touching it hope it didn't die:)

 The peacock was cool!
 The children's garden was so cute.

 All kinds of things to do. There was a pond with fish too.
 They have a scarecrow auction in the fall to raise money.
 Lilies in the pond.

 We made these wreaths out of pages from a garden/ flower book.
 I really like the peacock. They said they will move it next year and something new will take it's place.
 Then they will eventually have a sculpture garden.

This is the end of my pictures we had 2 days left but didn't take many pictures.
Next will be my fabric bomb post..........What??????????................JMF

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Sara said...

Looks like a place I have to add to my vacation wish list. I'm especially in love with the vines growing up the grain bin shaped structure. And the peacock - wow!