Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall calving, Pillows, and plants............

 The fall calving cows have started, and the  babies calves are so cute.
 It is better to see them in the grass than the snow!!!

 I made this pillow for the Children's Care Center silent auction, now I just have to get it to town!

 the back.

 Back to calving:) Even tho this is a yellow tag it goes with a purple tagged cow that's what the p stands for then the number of the cow and the date of the calves birth.We do have pink tags too oh no!!! These calves will stay where they are so it won't matter.
 Motherly love:)

 My garden wasn't the best this year but I do have a few pumpkins.

 My best flowers. I haven't been to good this year with my plants:(
 Another pillow.
I'll be back I still have to do the fabric bomb post...................JMF

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