Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bomb winner and so much more!!!

 I love it when someone asks me to make them a quilt!! My SIL John needed a new quilt that's all I needed to hear and I started thinking of what fabric I had that would make a nice man's quilt. The last one I made him was 16 years ago and it was pretty well worn out. That's the way I think it should be I want my quilts to be used, so I can make more!!
 My neighbor Kay quilted it and I love how it turned out.

 I used mostly my stash  and I could make several more! I bought the sashing and found  half of the backing on sale.
 The other half is a plain brown.
 This is an awful picture I will have to take another one someday when I'm at their place.
 We were checking cows the other day and these cranes were hanging out with the cows.

 so were the copperheads.
 Time to get your ear pierced. At least he has a professional piercing  guy I had another girl from high school and a potato behind my ear ouch!!!
 Made this on a whim the other day.
 Love the horse block.
 This is the back.
Oh the winner of the bomb is Cuki from South Africa!! Congrats I have already emailed her so her package will be on it's way soon........................JMF


Sara said...

Love seeing those cranes among the cows. Such majestic birds.

Your SIL will love that new quilt. It's a winner for sure!

cucki said...

WOw the quilt is so beautiful..lovely colors and I really love all your makes :)
Thank you for choosing me for fabric bomb ..
Hugs xx

Ranch Wife said...

Great quilt, Julie! I love the square in a square block. Your SIL is going to love it. And you are the queen of awesome pillows!