Monday, September 29, 2014

Silage and the cows that eat it.............

 While the guys were cutting silage Tooties and I were on cow duty!
 I think we only found one new calf the days we checked.
 The yearlings come up to the fence to say hi ,what's ya doin:)
 Here's where you get out!
 Are you sure?
 Some days my neck feels like this!!!
 We had 3 different guys that cut for us. One opened the fields, one started cutting when the guys that usually do it couldn't come for a couple more days.
 Here's the start of the pile.

 We are still on duty!

 The guys got alot done with Kim's cutter.

 Then Eric's big guns roll in!!!

 3 trucks hauling kept Jared and Greg busy on the pile.
Another silage cutting in the books.........JMF