Friday, September 26, 2014

Plants and trunk show...............

 Greg helped me re pot my aloe and my jade plant the other day. I got the aloe in Texas in Feb of 2007 almost 8 years ago!!!
 It was a 2 man job they are both getting so big, it's to handle them alone.
 I went to the Brookings guild's salad supper and trunk show. Anita Johnson from MN. showed her quilts. Lots of nice ones I just picked my favorites. The plaid one was made from western shirts of her mom's friend.
 She had all colors and types of quilts.

 There she is, she made her jacket and showed a couple others she made.
 We were sitting off to the side and it was hard to get good pictures.

 One of her favorite colors is orange and she had a lot of quilts with orange in them.
 The next ones were from the serenity line of fabric and I really liked all of them.
 So pretty and lots of work.

That's all for now I have some sewing of my own to get done..............JMF


Sara said...

Looks like a wonderful trunk show. Definitely some eye candy there!

cucki said...

so pretty xx