Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Bird Feeder a must on everyone's bucket list!!!

 I would say it should be about every 5th entry on your bucket list!!! The Birdfeeder 101 Main and Railway Twin Brooks SD Phone 605 432 5534.
 Today my friends, Sue, Laurie, and I went to Twin Brooks SD to eat at the Bird Feeder. It is a small town north and east of Watertown it is close to Milbank too.
 They have gift items through out the cafe.
 Some of it came home with me.
 Beautiful fall decorations.
 But the food oh the food it was to die for!!!!!!!!! If the dog from the cartoon Quick Draw McGraw would have been there he would have been floating for an hour:) You have to be old like me to know what I am talking it:)
 First course was our birdfeeder, soybeans, seeds and lemon coated almond and chocolate covered cranberry. So cute and so good.
 We picked between  carrot soup and a chicken noodle, we all had the carrot. It also had sour cream, pecans and cheese. After the first bite I was floating!!
 Then came the tea, fruity green tea we drank and drank oh so good.....
 Sue and I ordered the chicken salad half on a cranberry flax bread and the other on a honey wheat bread. I have to say I have never had bread that good in my life:)
 The chips are home made and not fried in oil they are a vegetable chip with dip. Yummy. The melon was so fresh and good. The little dishes were so cute. The cucumbers and that little tomato was delish. Laurie had the hot pork sandwich in a bear paw bun with a spicy dipping sauce.
 Now the desserts Lemon meringue  I mean good lemon don't you just hate it when you order lemon pie and its a solid chunk on I don't know what!!! Well this pie is so creamy and the meringue so fluffy and I'm floating and I just had a little taste of it. Laurie even saved some for her dad. It was his birthday. Happy Birthday Laurie's dad:)
 Here is Sue's coconut cream pie I love coconut and this pie was alittle piece of heaven! But if you know me and chocolate was on the list it would be mine!!!
 Just imagine angles singing now..........brownie with a coconut pecan filling, 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce!!!!!!!!!! I can still hear the singing:) If you want to take pie with you tell them when you call so they make more! My pictures just don't do the food justice. The plates, garnish, all the special little touches just made it such a great and fun lunch. The owner Carol Kilde started the restaurant in 2004 and every year she features a different bird in the decor this year it's the owl. You can see the little glass with the owl on it in the soup picture that was our gift with 3 homemade caramels in it. Beverly Bohn, Sandy Hansen and Joanne Urban also work there.   I can say you get the royal treatment there. They make the bread and desserts every morning. All the food is homemade I think I already said the but it's worth repeating. All their vegetable and herbs are  fresh  from their backyard and from some local farmers markets. Their meat is from a local butcher shop.
In the July/August SD magazine their is story about the Bird Feed on page 53. That's how we stumbled across them. You need reservations and they book up fast you may have to wait a few days to a week to get in. You will be so happy you made the reservation and trip to the Bird Feeder! I just love that name too:)
On a scale of one to ten of the places I have eaten it is a 10 and beyond. You better hurry and make reservations they open May 15th til Dec. 15th.

 While we were sitting there here came the train by it seemed fitting for some reason.
I want to thank the gals there for allowing me to blog about them and the food:)
You just have to experience it for yourselves. Thanks so much for such a fun and delish lunch....I'll be back, we all will be, and we'll be bringing  friends!!......JMF


Sara said...

I heard from someone else recently about that little restaurant and how it was a destination worth checking out. Your pictures made me hungry.

And I'm old enough to remember Quick Draw McGraw! Loved that cartoon.

cucki said...

Wow very lovely x

Ranch Wife said...

Sounds like its worth a looong road trip. :)